Supporting K-12 Online Learning in Michigan

Seconday School Version


In Fall 2007 the State of Michigan began requiring that all students complete an online learning experience in order to graduate from high school. However, most teacher education programs in Michigan do not have courses, or even curricular materials, to help support teachers in their implementation of this new requirement. Faculty at Iowa State University (ISU) developed curricular materials as a part of the Teacher Education Goes Into Virtual Schooling project to introduce teachers to K-12 online learning. Using the ISU model, the Instructional Technology program at Wayne State University have developed additional scenarios that focus upon issues and examples from the State of Michigan.


  • To understand the ways that students can meet the online learning graduation requirement

  • To appreciate three aspects of K-12 online learning: technology, mentoring, and organizational/collaboration of educators

  • To start to become competent to facilitate and plan for K-12 online learning